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PAN obitelj

Introduces in 1997., its continouos growth made Pan the fasstest growing brand in mainstream beer market. From the begining Pan stand out with it’s innovation and recognizability. Pan is a proud bearer of “Croatian Quality” title which is awarded by the Croatian Chamber of Economy to products above average quality.

PAN Lager

Pan Lager is a favorite lager that differs from others with its special refreshing taste to satisfy your thirst. 2015. Gold Medal Monde Selection 2014. Superior Taste Award (3 stars)

Kronenbourg 1664

Kronenbourg 1664 was named after the year the Hatt family, the founders of Kronenbourg, first started commercial brewing. Kronenbourg is the fifth oldest beer brand in the world that still exists today. Its golden hues and delicate bitterness come from selecting the best hops, the ‘Strisselspalt’, and the unique know-how of Kronenbourg’s master brewers for […]

Pan Tamni

Pan Dark is the first dark beer in Croatia, refreshing and easy-drinking with a rich flavor. 2015. Silver Medal Monde Selection

Pan Zlatni

Pan Gold is a special lager full of rich flavor as an alternative to the classical lager, first of its kind in Croatia, earning its premium beer position. 2015. Silver Medal Monde Selection

Grimbergen obitelj

Broad range of spicy and fruity flavors The main characteristic of Grimbergen is top fermentation at high temperatures (28-30 degrees Celsius) using unique Grimbergen barley that defines the legendary taste of Grimbergen beer. Grimbergen barley comes from Belgium, and the legacy of rustic barley with specific characteristics responsible for Grimbergen beer DNA. Barley gives the […]

Grimbergen Blanche

Belgian-style refreshing beer. The foam is smooth and creamy, light yellow in color. Citrus, cloves, and coriander with the addition of vanilla define the aroma. Grimbergen Blanche has a refreshing tangy flavors of yellow fruits such as pears. Real connoisseurs will also find a touch of bergamot, vanilla, malt and pepper. It contains 6.7% ABV.

Grimbergen Double Ambrée

Double-fermented dark ale, rich with flavors of caramel and fruit. The foam is dense and persistent, with a unique coffee color. Through your keen sense of smell you will notice the dominance of caramel with cherry, plum and a faint note of toasted malt. Grimbergen Double Ambrée tastes of a balanced mix of mild and […]

Grimbergen Blonde

Fruity ale, rich with spicy notes of cloves. The foam is dense and persistent, lightly sparkling, and cream-coloured. Pineapple and cloves can be recognized in the aroma, and a savvy sniffer will recognize smoked malt and floral hops. Tasting Grimbergen Blonde will bring bittersweet flavor emanating from the malt, pineapple, apricot and yellow plum. This […]


Guinness is a well-known legend and an icon of the dark beer world. It boasts a typical full flavor and refreshing character at the same time. Guinness completes the premium range on the Croatian beer market. Guinness beer is a mild stout, characterized by an extremely rich taste of roasted barley, with 4.2% ABV.