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Panonska A.P.A.

As welcoming as the rich, open Pannonian fields that surround our brewery, hoppy, floral and carmelized tastes of this American Pale Ale are as satisfying as the finest zlevanka meal. Everyone has their own idea of what’s ‘too much’ flavor, but if you’re ready for something with a little more ‘hop’ you can sip and […]

Panonska Dark Lager

We don’t like bitter people and it’s the same when it comes to our beer. This extra smooth Dark Lager may look like it has a bite, but its rich caramel taste is as soft-hearted as a good chocolate soufflé. We don’t know you or your friends but a few of these might be perfect […]

Panonska Wheat

The zest of citrus fruits and fresh wheat mix to form a golden haze like a Zadar sunset in this creamy wheat beer that goes down easier than a Dalmatian Rozata. While we’d never tell you how to drink your beer, we think this is a great one for those days when you need something […]

Panonska Family

Meet Panonska – a family of beers created on the belief that ‘flavorful beer’ and ‘easy drinking’ should not be mutually exclusive ideas. Our brew master sought out the world’s most popular rich tasting styles and carefully developed them to go down as easy as a croatian sunset, delivering on panonska’s mission to make the […]

PAN family

This family has six members. The heads of the family, Pan Lager and Pan Tamn (dark), and the rest of the family consisting of Pan Zlatni (gold), almost twins – Pan Radler Lemon & Radler Lime Grapefruit – and Pan BEZ (non-alcoholic). Dare to become part of this great family, and your happiness will never […]


Beer number 1 in Denmark continues its global growth, particularly in Eastern Europe and Asia for its superb quality and refreshing flavour. It was presented on Croatian market in March 2005 to meet the needs of the younger generation of beer lovers, generation that follows the latest trends, generation that makes fun and music an […]

PAN Gold

Pan Gold is a flavour rich lager that has a unique story created by the biggest beer lovers. It was created in 2009, when 600 Croatian beer lovers carefully chose its ingredients and thereby opted for the beer golden in colour, rich foam and lavish flavours. Then the master brewers of the Koprivnica brewery developed […]

PAN Dark

Dark and smooth. Pan Dark is available in Croatia since 2011, when it was exclusively distributed as a draft beer at Medveščak (Croatian hockey team) games under the name Pan Ice Fever. Specially selected varieties of hops provide richness and extra flavour, and uniqueness of this high-quality dark beer is in its smoothness and freshness. […]

PAN Radler

Not a big fan of beer? We have the right thing for you! Pan Radler Lemon is a refreshing drink that combines particularly refreshing light lager (40%) flavoured with lemon juice (60%), with 2% ABV. As such, it provides a completely new dimension of refreshment during the hot summer days. Pan Radler Grapefruit & Lime […]

PAN PAN non-alcoholic

Well then… I do drink beer… but non-alcoholic! This beer is here to remind you that you can enjoy it in situations where alcohol is a no-no. Non-alcoholic Pan is a delicious alternative to the lager, but brings equal refreshment and outstanding beer flavour.