Monthly Archives: March 2017

Daily Offer

Brewbites is primarily an American restaurant, and burgers and ribs are the first thing we think about in the morning, and the last thing we think about in the evening. But that does not mean that we like to limit ourselves to just one type of cuisine so make way for our daily offer. Daily […]

Take Out / Delivery

Got company? Romantic dinner won’t be as romantic if you are “the chef”? Or you are couch potato who just wants to have a decent meal without too much hustle? Brewbites Take out is here for the rescue! You can see out price list here, and take-out is a call away: +385 1 4820 800 […]


Our terrace is an refreshing and relaxing green oasis in the heart of the Zagreb’s down town area. During the Summer months usually from April all along till October (or until the weather permits) you can enjoy your visit to our terrace located in picturesque atrium of the Zagreb’s Archaeological museum. The greenery and antique […]

Brew BBQ Wings

Chicken wings in sweet-and-spicy sauce, served with fries and BBQ sauce

Sweet Chili BBQ Spare Ribs

Sweet-and-spicy spare ribs, sprinkled with sesame, served with rice, Chimichurri sauce, and scallions

BBQ Spare Ribs

Sweet-and-spicy spare ribs, served with fries

Veggie Burger

Zucchini, crispy parmesan chips, Gouda cheese, Chili Rose and Bites sauce, button mushrooms, salad, and fries

Smokey Pinto Egg Burger

Burger, egg spread, arugula, bacon, Cheddar, pickled cucumbers, Bites sauce, tomatoes, potato chips

Onion Chili Burger

Burger, jalapeƱos, Chilli Rose sauce, onion rings, Cheddar, lettuce, pickled cucumbers, and fries

Gigantic Olives

Big, proudly fat olives, with plenty of firm, meaty richness